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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hood Pretty

In a conversation with a good friend, she questioned her attractiveness to men. Her problem is that all too often the wrong type of guy approaches her. That's an issue many women may have. How do we shuffle through the mess to get to the mountain? Why doesn't the mess realize exactly where they belong? Just because you live on the poppin' street, doesn't mean that you are the poppin' girl. You are the "educated and independent" woman that you worked so hard to form. Ha, no really you are not a woman with a title as educated or independent, you are just a woman of worth. Evidently no matter the status of a man, he can recognize the worth of a good woman. So, I say to my girl, don't look at it like being only Hood Pretty, where mostly only the hood reply, look at it as being an outstanding woman who has a worth that NO MAN can deny.

To all my ladies who seem to have a tag on them that says All Men Apply, keep accepting applications. Eventually, there has to be the right applicant for the job. Your worth jumps out like the perfect job ad. Who wouldn't want to apply for the job?

Be Hood Pretty, Sophisticated Honey, Bubbling Beauty, whatever it is, but don't stress it...This too shall pass!

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