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Sunday, January 13, 2013


I am going to cut my hair very short and color it. Simple as that. No question. No deep thought. 

Simple can be defined as anything without complications. It brought to mind how I simply decided to change my hair. Why is it that I can make that type of decision without complication? Why is it that I complicate other decisons by putting too much thought into them? I do believe if we all would not try to complicate life's decisons, some things will result in less stress. I am happy about my hair decision, no regrets. 

I am not saying that I never dislike my hairstyle choices, but I do know that even in those times, I do not sweat it. The style will grow out eventually and then on to the next one. Simple. Simple as that, no worries.

This year I have promised myself to approach decisions simply. I am a well known worry wart and over thinker. From this point on, when decisions are to be made, I will think hairstyle. If I make the right decision, lovely. I come out looking HOT! If the decision exposes some not so cute features and I am not so hot...oh well. My conclusion must be that life goes on, the style will grow out, and then I can decide on a new one.