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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Back!!!

It's been a while friends. I'm going to get back on my love, my joy...I've lost focus. I lost my Grandmother recently...that's what started my loss of focus. It's amazing that no matter how little or how much you talk to or see someone, you miss them when they are gone forever. Sometimes I truly didn't think that she would leave...93 years - WOW! She was my girl! My Fiskite! All of my grandparents played a very big role in my life. They are the very reason I know how important childhood is in the developing of a child. My grandparents, each one were my friends. If I close my eyes, I can smell them and I can hear them. My Grandmother, never raised her voice to me, no matter what silly thing I did. She never had a problem with me admiring her things. I would always go in her room and look around. There was always something cool to check out. If it wasn't her African dresses, it was her jewelry or perfume. It was an adventure in her room and her place. Books and stories were always plentiful. I may have lost the flesh of my Grandmother, Lucy, but I didn't lose the memories. I haven't lost her spirit. I must make sure to never lose our shared passion - writing.

Don't lose it people. Don't lose it. Whatever you have within you or around you - don't lose it. Don't lose those essential parts of your life because if you lose those parts, you lose yourself.