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Thursday, September 18, 2014


Perspective on life is shaped by the events in life we encounter. Is that my perspective or truth? Life according to me - there is no way to fully grasp a situation unless you have experienced it. There isn't a book or a personal encounter that can truly make you understand the perspective of a person.

"I'm going to stay awake so that I know what it feels like to be you." My son uttered those words to me one late night. We had been up since 7:00 a.m. and it's then 1:00 a.m. that late night, early morning he shared that statement.  There are times that I work with my family and we work until late hours.  Following those late hours, I drive sometimes more than two hours back home from work. 
On a recent trip home, my son told me he wasn't going to get comfortable and go to sleep. He wanted to stay awake to see exactly what it's like to be a me.  It's a perceptive thought coming from a child.  It's especially perceptive and thoughtful when most adults could care less how it feels to stay up overnight working and driving. As adults, we often time think we know it all and have a view point on everything even without having experienced it.

What I took from that moment was not only pride that I have a child who actually cared what it was like to be me.  I'm not sure if it's my child rearing or his natural thought process, but whatever it was, I smiled at the thought.  If more people would take the chance to sit in another person's shoes to gain their perspective on life, would it make a bit of difference in how we live our lives?  Would it make a difference in how we treat people?  I'd like to think so. 

My son made it an hour into the 2.5 hour drive, but the next day he was much more aware of what it could have been like to be me.  The next day, he was able to verbalize how tired he was and how even the sleep he got in the car wasn't enough.  Based on his little experiment in the car, he now has a new view - new frame of reference.  

As I referenced in my last blog post, I'm experiencing unemployment.  I have a new standpoint on how to survive.  As October approaches, if I don't have full-time employment, I will then have another frame of reference - one that I fear to experience. Once this period of my life is over, my perspective on life will change.  That's without a doubt. 

I've always had issue with people who interject their perspective into situations in which they have not experienced.  I do believe that each person has a right to their own stand point because it's unique and based on their life.  There is no right or wrong in most life situations - there is only perspective. 
Would any of you like to stay awake to see what it's like to be me? Any takers? I'd switch today unless you are seriously ill. (LOL)

Respect the perspective.  

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