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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I be the only one

Have you told someone today that THERE IS NO ONE LIKE ME, BUT ME! Y'all better get out there and let 'em know...
Man, you better take it in 'cause I'm telling you, it gets no better. I'm so serious.
You keep trying to interject you into me, but I keep showing you that is just not going to work.
I'm me and there is no one like me!
So, you better get on board with me 'cause you sure are missing out.
I know you know this already, shucks I just had to remind you 'cause we are getting old and reminders are necessary.
There is no one like me, but me...
Take in all in while you can
Uhm, I'm telling you...if you don't know, you need to recognize.
'Cause man...I be the only one


I stopped looking for the one and only needle that I own. It's the needle I needed many a day to sew up a hem, button, or hole. Just the other day, I was preparing for my son's Kindergarten graduation, I found my needle. It was tangled in an unlikely necklace. It's one that I've only worn once. I was searching, but stopped and there it was. I've said this before and I'm sure many have probably told you too - when you stop searching for something it presents itself at the least expected time. I do believe that would be true for so many parts of our lives. It's true when we speak of finding that special person. It's true when it comes to a lost needle - as little as that needle is in the grand scheme of things. It's true when it comes to inspirations. Things and people find their way into our lives when we stop searching. When we stop asking when and where?

Today I found something else - inspiration. In an unlikely place for me - the finale shows of The Oprah Winfrey Show. It sounds cliche, but it's true. It's unlikely for me because I pride myself on not really fashioning myself in the likes of others...even the famous and successful. However during her last shows, I found inspiration in my life as a mother and mentor. The two go hand in hand as I take them seriously. I'm a superwoman! Yes, I said it! I claim it!

I have been blessed with a a gift of mentoring youth and giving them inspiration to strive for educational greatness. I do this in a subtle and effective manner...I don't shout it to the mountain tops.

My mothering - I take so seriously because I'm responsible for the outcome of another human being. It's my 100% responsibility for someone to develop into a productive person. Everything that I do is what makes him. It's like playing a game...too many wrong moves and you lose the game. So far I believe that I've made a few good moves...I'm still in the winning circle at this point. Sometimes I feel like I'm on a tightrope, but I haven't fallen off yet.

I've found inspiration in knowing that my life is certainly not over. I have yet to find that totally rewarding life - career fulfillment. I have yet to find that special someone. However, just because I haven't found tbose things doesn't mean it won't show up in the unlikely place at the most unlikely time.

It is said...Seek and ye shall find. I say seek solace in knowing that sometimes seeking is not necessary because some things find their was in our lives regardless.


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