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Friday, February 21, 2014

Oh the places...

The places we find ourselves, we often question. Sometimes it's fate. Sometimes it's God. Sometimes it's some form of other divine intervention. Sometimes it just is what it is. You are in the place for a reason.

Funny, I've lamented over this issue for sometime. Today, I had a pleasant conversation with someone I call my counselor - objective in nature and new to this place in life that I've found myself. This place my counselor so peacefully told me is my CANVAS. The place that I find myself is the canvas in which I am painting a picture that is not yet done. It's actually blank right now. As I stroke the keys of this keyboard, the first strike of paint has hit the canvas.

Let's paint this canvas a little more...

Where have I been? It's been three months since I've met with my thoughts in writing. There has been one recurring topic of my thoughts in these months. Why am I in this place? This place being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I'm in this place for one pure reason as it's a step in this process of life. I've been removed from all things and people of distraction, left with one person - my son. While I tackle life daily with the next step to get us to the next level - the one most important thing that I see is that I'm in this place to focus on him. Not to push aside those things which need to be developing inside myself, but to know that there is positive in a place of distress.

In life we often seek for something more or something different. Why? I'm sure if I researched there would be studies galore as to why the human mind does certain things. Perhaps it is simply that the answer is right in front of our face. I am where I am in this place because it is fitting for me to be a better parent and person. What about you? It is likely that you too are where you are because it is just where you are supposed to be. Period. You are in your place to be a better person or that person that you envision yourself to be.

*This is a topic I'm sure that I've spoken about over time in this blog, but it's always good to refresh your thoughts. Fresh topics in months to come!