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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

If you will, take a moment to check out my new blog "My one true love."  Listed on there are clips of some articles I've written.  Look for more to come.  The articles were written a few years ago, but the stories are great reads for a lifetime.  Spread the word!

- SoloSoul

Monday, May 7, 2012

One never knows

This is a quick tale of two men. Two men from two very different worlds.

The first fellow, a southern guy turned big city New York banker. No kids. No wife. A girlfriend here and there. His life appeared carefree. His primary worry was his bank account and how many zeros were in it. Sometimes a wonder about the possibility of a wife and kids. However, the money in his career and personal life were top on his list. Those were the worries of this early 40s young man. That was up until about seven months ago. Seven months ago, he found out that he had the big C! CANCER was centralized on his tongue. The story goes on with chemo and radiation...

You just never know...

My good fellow number two just settling into adulthood, in his early 20s.  This southern boy started out life in a good light. He chose a hardworking, blue collar manuel labor job over the streets of hustling or college. Everyone has their own path and he chose the one best for him. It being a positive path, who could be mad at him. He has lived life I'm sure with plans and possibilities.  He wakes up and heads to work everyday. This good fellow has just been living.  This week, he woke up for work probably just happy and ready for the upcoming weekend....

You just never know.

Both of these good fellows died last week.

My good fellow number one; his cancer took a strong hold of him. It spread through his body like money through his hands.

You just never know. 

My good fellow number two was killed by work materials.  Just like that. No warning. No nothing. All he did was wake up and go to work.
You just never know.

What are you worried about? What are you doing? What is to be realized is that none of it really matters because you just never know!