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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sorority girl

What's your label?

Recently, a classmate posted on a site that it bothered her that some people are so materialistic. They spend lots of money on their designer items and then spread the word. She said, no one really asked the person that she was speaking with about their clothing items. Yet they continued on about their labels. How much their labels cost them etc. Why was it so important to share those labels, those designer names? Would it have made my classmate feel some way different, good or bad? What exactly is the point of a label?

I entered a new world ten years ago. I chopped off my hair and went natural - haven't straightened my hair since. So, I've entered the natural woman world. It's a place where some must begin a sentence with, "Hi, my name is Tiffany, and I'm natural." Well, duh...I can see that for myself. It's your hair, not your name. So often I continue to hear that label, I'm natural. I do this with my hair, I do's all mine, etc. What's the purpose?

What happened to just living? If you live your life in a certain way, there is no need for a label. If I see a well-dressed young lady walking down the street... Uhm, maybe I would give her a title, fashionista...because she is all decked in designer labels. So what if I do? She certainly doesn't need to tell me her label because I can see it with my own eyes. What's funny is, just because of what I see, doesn't mean it's right. Just because you have your own label, doesn't make it fitting to you.

What is your label? Why do you need that label? What is so wrong with just living? Be yourself is saying it lightly. Just be. Throw away those labels. Know that whatever your God made you to be, you will be without the label. Know that the label can be ripped, torn up, and thrown away. Labels can be sticky and carry an unpleasant scratchy feeling. Labels can be irritating. How many labels have you really kept around?

If I ever run into you, friend, I hope to not label you because I would certainly not like it when I have to rip you out and throw you away. Just come label free!

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