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Monday, January 23, 2012



Sounds so good to me. Stability is the one thing a friend of mine is looking for in life. That's a good word. The sound of it alone is strong. 

It made me think about exactly what I wanted out of a relationship or out of life period. I've used many words, but for some reason stable had been a little out of reach for me. Scary thought especially being that I'm a single mother.

It's good to have good people around you. That one word turned my list upside down. That's a beautiful thing. With the defining of stability, it certainly fits in my life. I NEED STABILITY. I need it in every aspect of my life. In that list for the man of my dreams, the job of my dreams, the world of my dreams - stability is at the top of my list.

I can have an ah-ha moment knowing that I've found a friend - a life long friend who provides some stability in my life.

It feels so good. It's like a sno-ball or sno-cone on a  hot as hell day! Uhm, stability tastes so darn good.

I don't just want a man with a job this year...I want one who can keep one - stability. I don't just want a man with good credit...I want one who can manage the money all year 'round - stability. I don't want a man who can stand up straight...I want one with a backbone and the confidence to get things done - stability.

What about you?

Many of my friends, male and female, have agreed with this subject of stability. It's a priceless asset to a relationship. It's so good to have good people around you. Converse with friends, they keep you stable. Good people keep you thinking in different ways. A good and stable friend is more than just someone to watch a movie with.


Knock, knock, knocking at my flipping door! 
He has lost what little mind he has left! 
Please let me go! Leave me alone!

Obsession, to preoccupy thoughts, feelings, or desires of a person. Infatuated. Preoccupied.  Troubled. To persistently dwell on something.

This man is obsessed with me! I'm obsessed with figuring out how to stop this obsession.  How the heck do I do that?  I've read a few things on stalkers and some experts have said that no man will stop with their obsession until they are ready.  So what the heck am I doing trying to stop someone from obsessing over me.  While it may sound cute to have some one be infatuated with you, it's not!

I just want him to go away! 

There have been movies about obsession.  Songs about obsession. It's a thrill to hear such a thing.  We sit on the edge of our chairs in anticipation as to what is about to happen next.  Well, as much as I love horror and suspenseful movies - I'm not enjoying my own life movie right now.

From love to fear and then into rage - I can't take this freaking crap anymore!

I share ,y frustration with this person who is obsessed with me for a couple of reasons. This is a public site and maybe, just maybe this person will read one more avenue that I'm expressing my hatred for this obsession.   I also share this as my way to reach anyone who may be reading this.  If you are obsessed with any one thing or person - STOP IT!

Obsession is synonymous with being troubled, haunted, or possessed.  Sounds a little like someone possessed by a demon to me.  Don't be haunted by a person or topic in life.  Let it go!  It's very frustrating to be obsessed and see that your obsession is not changing.  You can wonder why that obsession hasn't changed, but it's purely because it simply won't change.  Therefore forever in your life, you will be haunted by an obsession.  You can't change everything.  You certainly can't change people.

I refuse to be haunted by this person who is obsessed with me.  I'm refuse to be obsessed about anything.  Let it go! Let her go! Let him go! Let everything go!

Obessess with nothing and live with one less frustration in life.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Essence - the individual, real, or ultimate nature of a thing, especially as opposed to its existence; the inward nature; the most significant element quality, or aspect of a thing or person.

The essence of love is just the mere presence of love.
The essence of love is unselfishness
The essence of love is knowing just when to say when it's time to end a love.

The essence of life is living it.
The essence of life is the smile that is sometimes masked by the pain and struggles of life.

The essence of friendship is unselfishness as friendship should equate with love.

Having read a recent publication of Essence magazine, it was captivating how the essence of life was depicted by several women featured. The stories of these women moved me as I found myself within their stories. Their stories truly depicted the essence of life. As we live our lives we will often have obstacles, but there is always a way through them. There is so much beauty in knowing that. There is so much beauty in the constant realization of that. The essence of life, how beautiful.

Love. Love. The essence of love is just to have had it at some point. The essence of love is that it's complex. The essence of love is that where is no way around falling in love, but there is a way not to let love make you fall. Some things must come to an end...even in love.


The fundamental nature of something
The most distinctive element of a thing
Intrinsic feature

Find the essence in everyday things and you are sure to find a daily smile.


The state or condition of having little to no money
No means of support




There are websites dedicated to it. There are local, national, and worldwide organizations dedicated to it. There have been studies about it. With such destitute synonyms why wouldn't there be such dedication and study of a topic? With such destitute meanings, I wonder why a mother would name her child POVERTY.

In her dazed state of childbirth was she so pissed because she lived in poverty? Did she throw in some other pronunciation of the word? Was she just trying to be funny and show the world exactly what poverty can do? What? What is going on?

I don't know what our world has come to. I'm more accepting of a Bonquisha or a Jakelisheajahia than I am with Poverty. What exactly is going on here? I'm just saying...