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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Happiness can be defined as ranging from contentment to intense joy. Happy is being delighted, pleased, favored by fortune, or having pleasure.

It's such a simple word - Happy. If you say it enough times, you may actually start feeling that way...uhm or maybe not. I just heard that a young boy my son's age was decapitated by someone. I guess I need to just say that I'm happy that I have life. Read a memoir recently, the woman and her friends were addicted to every drug imaginable. They were happy with it at the time. Happiness. A time to be joyful. It doesn't mean in a good state of being. It just means that you are content with life at that point. Well, if that be the case then, the fact that I'm healthy and have life, I should be happy. However, I'm not content with my life as it is now. So, what does that make me...does it really make me unhappy? Maybe it just makes me not happy, but not sad either. I'm just not content. What about you? If you are content, then run out and get your "I'm Happy" t-shirt. If not, then get you get a shirt that says "I'm NOT content" with a smiley face on it. That way people know that while I'm not content with where I am not doesn't truly make me an unhappy and cynical person.

From now on, if someone ask me how I'm doing...what do I say? I truly don't know. I'm not happy that's for sure. So, I guess that I can say "oh, I'm fine, just not content." People don't listen to the answer to that question anyway. Whatever I say, no one would really hear it.

When I was given this word, I had plans on digging into this word, Happy. I wanted to dig into what it means to be happy in a relationship, career, home, and life in general. I'm still meditating on this word, Happy. It's worth a more detailed writing. I'm going to compare it to a few other words and get back to you on this one. So, as many pastors do, this is part one of my "sermon". See you next time. Hopefully not a month from now.