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Sunday, September 22, 2013


Faith is defined as a STRONG belief in something or someone - in GOD.

A friend of mine recently asked me if I regret making a recent transition in my life. My response to her was of course I regret sometimes however my faith in God tells me that He makes no mistakes. There is no regret in what God gives. Without moving forward in faith, I would not have grown.  I would not have some of the knowledge that I have. Without change there is no growth. With my faith in God, I grow. With my faith, I know the trials and triumphs given to me by God are what make me who I am. It is what makes all of us who we are.

Have you prayed about it? If yes, why worry about it? Those are not words spoken to me by an adult. Those were words of my son. In our conversations, he is the one who reminds me that faith is greater than anything. If faith is present - there is no purpose for worry. It's as if it is a math problem where one word negates the other.

While my messages lately have been non-existent and this one brief - know that God is with me presently as I go through another growth transition. I have faith that soon this thing I'm going through will have me back on this blog regularly. It is certain that there are lessons I will have learned. Stories I will have to tell.

As a curriculum in schools change - now is time for you all to change your curriculum in life. The new math equation is Faith + Trials = No Worry. There is no other way to calculate it. Faith must always be first in the equation. Following that it can be anything - a divorce, a lay off, a death, a sickness, a financial setback - what it equals to is no worries or regret!

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