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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Expectation vs Faith

Expect. Expectation. Expecting. Expected. To look forward to. To anticipate. To consider probable or certain. To consider reasonable. To consider obligated. Are you expecting something? Have you ever expected anything? Do you expect to get anything out of what you are about to read? Is it dangerous to expect? Shouldn't it be equated with faith?

To whom much is given, much is expected. Paraphrased in the Bible, book Luke 12:48. This verse has been determined to mean that God has given his servants gifts and they are required or expected to utilize those gifts to serve. In turn I guess I expect by God's grace to wake every day and make it to work...or is it that I have faith that HE will?

Many of us expect to find the right man/woman who possess certain qualities. Do you expect them to be nice looking, wealthy, and loving? Maybe we all just have faith that we will have some great qualities in the person we fall in love with. Will that person live up to the expectation(s)? Probably, but maybe only if it is expected that they do.

As a child, did we expect life to be as good as waking up on Saturday for early morning cartoons and cereal? Again, maybe at that time we had faith in ourselves that life would be as simple as waking up to cartoons and cereal.

Some have said that expect little and get little. While others live with the philosophy that you can't expect anything. You can't expect a person to do something or be a certain person. You can't expect for anything to happen. There is nothing that can be expected, period.

I ride the fence on this word. Expect. Expectation. Expecting. Expected.

In my mind, I do expect the man in my life to take care of himself....and me too, of course. I do expect him to achieve in a career. I do expect him to show me respect. I do expect him to love me. I do expect my life to be peaceful. I do expect to achieve higher goals. I do expect my friends to be there for me even if they don't agree with what I do. I do expect my family to have my back in times of need. I do expect my boss to respect me. I do expect that none of these things could or will happen. I'm riding this fence until it falls. I do expect that someone reading this may think I'm absolutely nuts. That's ok, because I expect that no two people will agree on any topic all the time. I do expect the best. I do expect the worst. I do like this word expectation, expect, expecting, expected.

Upon further thought and reading. I have determined the relation between the word faith and expectation. Faith equates loyalty. In my final opinion, with no loyalty there is no expectation. Therefore unless you are expecting a baby...expectation is not healthy unless there is loyalty. If there is faith and loyalty in something or someone then expectation is included in the equation. In life, don't expect anything from anyone or any situation unless there is loyalty within it.