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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


A woman tried to kill herself recently. She is one of those least expected people to do such a thing. So I asked someone in her circle...why? The answer to the question was a failing marriage. Finding out too much information about your spouse's extracurricular activites is painful. I know first hand. It doesn't matter the time length of the marriage, 4 years, 14 years, or 40 years. All that matters is one had the courage to put their lives...their trust into the hands of another. This woman carried the weight of a marriage all to encounter devastation. Her only out was to leave the world.

Things didn't quite work out like she planned. I just wish she had the courage to leave their home rather than the world.

Another woman I know has decided a couregeous route. She is stepping out of an abusive marriage. I am so happy! My prayer is that it's not too late. Is it ever too late to have the courage to leave?

Women have many burdens to carry and all too often it is the decision to exit a relationship filled with abuse and infidelity. In my ordinary person view, I believe that there is never a right time to find the courage to leave. I do however believe from personal experience that there is only one way to leave and end up on top.

Have a plan!

I don't mean a little one either. I mean an iron tight, private investigator, secret service type plan. Set a plan, follow through and no matter what, do not falter. Do not let emotions lead you. Cry, but push through the tears!

Have the courage, set the plan, and step out of the situation with breath left to breathe. I can promise that in due time the struggle used to get through the plan will all be a faint memory. The only thing that you will remember is that you had the courage enough to make a bad situation better.