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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Mommy what are they doing?
Fixing the road, sweetie.
Why are they fixing the road?
To make it better...
Oh to make it smooth, that's what they are doing?
Why are they doing that?
Mommy when you were a little girl, did you play Mario?
Did you get to Luigi?
Mommy when you were a little girl, did you watch Spongebob?
No, that show wasn't around when I was a little girl.
Why, Mommy?
Ok, Mommy, we are going to get one thing out of the store.
Ok? One thing.
Mommy, I'm going to hold your hand...

Oh the questions he has. I know it's only the beginning. His questions are simple. Short and sweet. It doesn't require much for me to answer them. Oh, but I wonder when the questions get much more complex, what will I say? Will I still be able to answer the question. What happens when I don't have the answer? What will he say? Will he ask me why? Will he formulate his own answer? Will he ask someone else the answer? What will happen?

When will it stop?
It won't?

While in the car with my son, I learn a lot. He has questions for everything. I try my best to always have an answer. So, on our all too often trip to Wally World, he had many questions for me. It was on that trip to the store when I thought...How simple his questions for that day appeared to be. They were simple to me, but not so simple to him. They never stopped. It was always a follow up question. It also came to me that even as adult, my questions too never stop. Constantly asking myself...What if I do this? What if I say that? When will it change? When will he change? Where will I be in 10 years? Why can't it be like this? Why did I do this? Why did I do that? Who is going to come into my life? Where should I live? What shall I do? The questions are endless. They never stop - I think they often get more complex.

So, it starts at toddler stage, asking the daily questions of life and it only ends with the closing of ones eyes - Or will it? I'm sure even then when all of our eyes shut for the very last time, we will still have a question...Where do I go from here and will you hold my hand?

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