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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Delayed Devotion

My man, he was so devoted to me those first couple of years. I never truly wanted for anything. When a girl needed a new pair of shoes, I got 'em. Groceries always filled the frige. When night came and I needed someone to hold, he came to me. He was so dearly devoted to me, the woman he saw as his wife. That was until he got just what he wanted -a wife. A so dearly devoted wife. Then, I had to beg for the cash for the shoes, the food, the bills, and the money to care for our child. He devoted his time to some hot twat some place else...All is well...he came back with open arms. Baby I want to take care of you. I want to get you and my child a nice place to live. You are my wife after all...I'm devoted to you and only you.

Delayed Devotion.

When things happen in life, it is often said that true friends will always be around. I've found some flaw in that thought. Some people are friends by convenience. If you aren't quite convenient for them, then their friendship begins to fade. You think back on what you did wrong to have that friendship fall off into the abyss of nothingness. I mean the two, or three, or four...whatever were there for each other for the birth of a child, when one decided that motherhood wasn't quite for them, or when one just needed a helping hand. All this time you have been devoted friends. Then one day you were lost and just in need for a phone conversation. It hurt when she didn't answer that phone call...hurt worse than a break up from that most wonderful husband...didn't it? What happened to the devotion?

Delayed Devotion.

If you are a Christian...or of any faith for that matter. Stop praying. Stop meditating. Stop doing right by others. Stop going to church, temple, or religious service. Stop being devoted to it and watch what die inside.

Delayed Devotion.

That man. That woman. They are supposed to be my parents. I never heard them say I love you. Now I'm an adult and you want me to tell you that I love you? Really? They never gave me that talk about the birds and the bees. Now, I'm pregnant...I'm only 17. Some devoted parents they were. My daddy never scared off the boys. He never told me what to look for in a good man. Now he wants to judge the ones I choose...or help me find a way to get over the screwed up ones that I've chosen. If there was devotion there from day one, I wonder what would have happened?

Delayed Devotion.

I've pondered about this thought for about a week now. Two friends shared this topic with me via a song title. After getting this topic, I took it to others to tell me what exactly they thought of when hearing those words. From them, I received responses that summed up something, empty promises coming too late which caused pain or being sold short...something coming a little too late and not right on time. From that I gathered that devotion is one of the most important things in a relationship or anything we all encounter. When there is delayed devotion, there is lack of attention to detail. There is a total void when there is no devotion. Don't deprive your loved ones of it. Don't deprive your mind, body, and soul of devotion - dedicate yourself to those things! Sometimes it is good to wait for things...good things come to those who wait, but devotion...Devotion people is not one to be waited on...Delayed devotion kills.

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