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Thursday, July 8, 2010



Those who have a chance to get to know me
Friends, Family, Colleagues
See my greatness
It's a little inspiring.
Law School?
All they see is greatness.
Even this little fellow sees my greatness...
Says "you are going to be great when you get where you want to be; you got it going on."
Nothing but greatness...
Or is that he wants greatness so tugging on my coat tails is going to make him great
I don't think so...
I have too much greatness coming my way

I have nothing but questions for this one. Why do we so often see greatness in others, but don't always see such greatness in ourselves? I see more for others I encounter and vice versa. Is it that we need others to help produce all the greatness that's in us? Should we just be full of greatness alone? Well, I'd like to think that it's just that we really do need one another. It takes two to make a thing go said in a popular takes two to do many things - including help achieve nothing but greatness!

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