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Monday, November 29, 2010

A Non-Believer

"Santa isn't real and reindeer live in the forest."
That's it. That is what the little one, my 6-year old said this time. I was shocked and appalled. Uhm, maybe not totally appalled. It was just a little shocking to hear. He and I never had that conversation. I truly didn't know how to respond to him with that comment other than to ask him who told him that. His reply was no one. However, I point to the lovely creation of television.

Now the question for me was how do I proceed further with that comment from him. Should he be a believer? Why? Some argue with me that he is a child and needs to have an imagination and believe - believe in something.

There are some who disagree that it's not necessary to believe in such things. The sentiment is that there is no need to push my little one into believing in anything like Santa. Why? Children have imaginations regardless. Believing in Santa doesn't mean they won't be exciting and waiting to see what gifts appear on Christmas morning.

Children are often filled with hope in things like Santa, The Tooth Fairy, and The Easter Bunny. We as adults allow them to have false hope in fictional characters. Does that really create a believer out of children? Will they not believe in anything or anyone if we don't allow them to wait up for Santa or Bunny to appear in the night?

I've personally chosen to lean toward the thought that there is no reason that he should believe in Santa. He believes in me, his sole human provider and he believes in God. There will come a time when he will falter in his belief in both me and God. Now that's when there is a conversation necessary. Life is what it is. There is no need in filling his head with false perceptions of things. How would I look to him when he is revealed the truth - he must have faith in me. He must believe that I will have his best interest in heart and mind. The imagination - his brain will handle that. If he can imagine that his trains are his friends and he can imagine up different ways to design his train tracks, I know that he can imagine and believe in anything. So, Santa farewell - my 6-year old is a proud Non-Believer.

Friday, November 12, 2010

For Tyler

Orignially a play, then written in book form For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide /When the Rainbow isnt't Enuf by Ntozake Shange has started an uproar in some circles. There are critics all around about this movie that writer/producer Tyler Perry brought to the big screen. What I know is that it's art. There are not many people who will come from a piece of art and develop the same opinion. I also know that the truth hurts.

From the critics, there were two main positions, the men were bashed and it was too graphic/dramatic. The men in this movie seemed to demean women. They raped. They killed. They belittled women across the board. The women suffered strife to what some seemed unbelievable. The women were so sad. It didn't seem like they knew exactly how to handle life.

From the praisers, this movie was emotional. It was revealing. It was a break from the joking and drama of everyday simple life featured in Tyler's past movies. This movie was a look at life. This movie revealed to some that life is too short to let things fester. You can't let life get to you and keep you in bondage. It can be as dramatic as a rape or as simple as a man leaving you. There is a time to let it all go. You can't let issues stay with you and grow into these ugly monsters that control your life. This movie brought to light what those monsters can do to your life. You have to learn to live, laugh, and love. There were so many realizations to be realized from this movie. Family, friends, relationships, and attitudes. The list goes on.

As a woman, I personally didn't come away from this movie feeling any worse. It didn't make me feel like all men were dogs. It didn't make me feel like all men kill. I'm a survivor of many of those events that took place. It happens everyday. A young child is being molested. A woman is being raped. A woman is being beaten. A woman is aborting. A woman is crying. A woman is trusting the unworthy. It happens. It happens to women of all races and cultures. It's the truth. Face it. There is no bashing necessary. There is no extra drama necessary. All this young man of color, Tyler Perry did was bring to light what is happening. It is happening. It happened. It will happen again.

This is art. It's great that it has sparked such a flame. It's about time some flame has been lit. I can't speak for everyone who saw this movie. I'm not saying that you should have loved the movie, but be mindful of the full realm of this movie. First remember that Tyler didn't write the movie. He did put in a model man, who isn't in the original work. In an interview, Tyler stated that he did that just to ease over the harsh realities or bashing of the men. Second if you were offended by the movie in any fashion, just appreciate it for being a well-put together piece of art. My first lesson in a high school art course was that art is not so much to be liked, but to be appreciated. So as you develop your opinion of what should have or shouldn't have been depicted in this movie, be appreciative. These are a few questions to critique...Question why more movies don't depict the reality of real life. Question why more men or people of different races or cultures aren't writing and producing movies. Question what really are all too many men doing in our cultures today.

Don't bash me as a Tyler Perry lover or man basher, just appreciate me for my art - my writing.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Whatever your issues are in life, don't let them spin a cocoon and sprout into something greater. Deal with it and deal with it now!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jill Scott - He Loves Me

Could it be true? Really? I've felt this way before, but is this real? Is this part of that fairy tale world we know that we can't live in? My son loves me differently, but shucks we know that's not a man. I love to watch him sleep and admire myself in him, but that's not the love Jill speaks of... I just want to know - is it real? Is it really true to feel that way?

Jill Scott "A Long Walk"

Love this song... I hope when you read with me as I develop my thoughts and feel like you are taking a long walk.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In Thought

Now what is this nappyhead young fellow thinking about with his hands tucked into his deep pockets?

My Strength!

Summer time fun!
My bright and shining star!
My inspiration.
My reason for pushing harder than I've ever pushed before to make something happen!
The reason for me to never give up and settle for less!
It's me and you kid!
It's just me and you!


Slow of mind
Acting in an unintelligent or careless manner

Remember that song, Supersonic by J.J. was a 1980's hip-hop song...The S is for Super, The U is for Unique, The P is for Perfection...the list goes on talking about nosey, supersonic listening people... Well here is my version..
STUPID - The S if for Simple, The T is for twit, The U is for unsmart, The P is for pinhead, The I is for Ignoramus, The D is for Dense! Stupid! Big asinine a** person!

It doesn't matter what way you define it, at the end of the day there are far too many of God's creatures who are just that - STUPID! I say this word many times with no intent to call the person stupid. Many times I call people stupid when I mean they are being silly. I shouldn't insult some of those entertaining silly people by calling them stupid . Goodness knows I run into so many more truly stupid people than silly.

Come on now you all...I know I'm normally nice in talking about others, but I've had it up to my eye balls with stupid people. Hello! Are you out there? I know you are. I know so many of you feel the same way. It doesn't matter where you run into them - work, grocery store, school, church (yes church!), and shucks even at home - you run into so many people who lack God's gift of COMMON SENSE!!! I'm not just talking about being smart, having brains and having a degree or particular education. NO! I'm talking about just plain 'ole common sense. Is it really that hard to understand? It must be.

I've run into professors who have years of education and work experience above me, but can't make sense of simple paperwork - STUPID! People I know have co-workers and superiors who come to them for guidance. What kind of crap is that? Seriously? You are so do damn STUPID!

With all of that education, the professor can't explain a simple process or read a chapter and explain to me what he just read. I've sat here for two hours and still haven't learned anything. Are you seriously the teacher? Please let me teach your stupid tale.

Ok, so what about those people you encounter at work? It can be a coworker or customer/patron. Employee: "Hello, you've reached the Office of XYZ." Customer: "Yes, is this the Office of XYZ?" SERIOUSLY? You just heard me say where you were calling and you are going to repeat what I just said to you. Stop it! You so STUPID!

You send a coworker an email that states "This particular item is UNK." The reply you get from a coworker is "I don't know what UNK is, can you you please explain that to me." No, this chick did not just send an email saying that! Did they get it right when they promoted her to be my supervisor? She and her supervisor are so STUPID! Oh wait, if you are stupid, that UNK means unknown.

I could go on and on with the STUPID things that STUPID people do that I've heard of, but it would take a couple of days to get it all typed up. I think most of you are smart enough and have enough common sense to understand exactly what my beef is.

Where are the smart people? No, where are the people with common sense? I know that I didn't pick the few of those people in the world who have common sense as my friends. Hey, if that be the are one in a million! I love ya for it. If I associate with you then count yourself as a rare human being. You are not STUPID!

I just can't stand STUPID people with their stupid responses and stupid questions! If I hear one more stupid comment, I think I might explode. ROFLMAO! Oh wait, there may be someone not too bright reading this. That means Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off! Stupid people can be irritating yet so damn entertaining. Feel free to throw in your stupid person remark. I know everyone has one. If you don't, please call me because I have plenty!

So, what is God's message to me here? Be more tolerant? Be patient? Be kind? Awh come on my Lord, don't do it to me. Please! I shall obey, but it's so hard to be so nice to so many who lack the gift of the brain. If you are not a Christian and run into so many who just don't have common sense, please bare with them. At the end of the day, you will always get the last laugh. Hey, write a book about it, maybe you will get rich. That's a great idea, maybe I should try it too. Until next time...

Uhmmm, maybe next time I will use 'ole Rhi Rhi as an inspiration to talk more about being stupid! LOL!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nonsense vs. Sense

Here we go, my son and his questions....

"Nanna's not home," he said. "So, where are we going now?"

"We are going home," I said.

"That makes sense," he said. "What's sense mean, Mommy?"

"Sense is something that we should do and nonsense is something that we shouldn't do," I said.

It's amazing how his little questions make me think. So, what really is sense and nonsense? Did I answer that question right? It's just funny that things we say or experience everyday, we don't ask questions about. Well, maybe some of us. I know I question too much. I question, what sense does it make that someone with my education and little talent doesn't have a decent salary. I don't want to hear all that economy crap! I always look within. What is it exactly that I'm doing wrong? I can't make sense out of this nonsense life that I've been given. I often think it's all nonsense.

Of course, I have to look at life from different angles. Perhaps my sense of this nonsense life of mine is that God presented me with positions that have dished out insufficient funds because I'm supposed to learn. I'm learning that spending money on some things truly is nonsense. So, when I get sufficient funds, I will be able to make sense out of nonsense spending. Prehaps that's the sense of my nonsense life of having a degree, further studies, and ten years of work experience and still in the same position of a graduating college senior.

There must be a light at the end of the good friend said I'm blessed. I am. I know that. We all are in some form or fashion. But what nonsense I have to deal with when I have so much sense. It would seem that my sense would have led me to a higher level. Maybe my time table is wrong. What's your time table? Is it nonsense or sense? Is my issue nonsense or sense? Uhhmmm, you know it's sound like nonsense because at the end of the day it doesn't make sense to have issue with making a particular salary when at least you are making one period. So, if I go by the definition that I gave my son, it is total nonsense to question why or how my life has resulted as it has.

What's your nonsense? I know you have some nonsense because you are sitting over there with all your sense thinking that your rationalization of your life makes sense....when in actuality, it's all nonsense. We are not put here to question the result of our lives or situations...even the lives or situations of others. It's pure nonsense - something we shouldn't do.