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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today's word...

Just recently a few Russian spies were caught.
Are we really safe in our own country?
Who do you blame?
A new woman is being confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice.
She doesn't have all the experience that some would like her to have.
One politician said she was only chosen for political reasons. (wow, that's something new)
Who do you blame?
A man found with explosives in Time Square.
Who do you blame?
There is an oil spill in my parish (county) causing people to lose jobs, money, and homes.
Man, too bad they only have their lives to live.
Who do you blame?
There is a battle over the boarders that are allowing large numbers of Mexican's cross over. Last time I checked, there is more than one way to do anything.
Who do you blame?
There is a war going on that is said to be the longest war we have ever had that is killing hundreds of Americans monthly.
Oh and this is what is supposed to be keeping us safe from those intruding in our country as spies and/or to harm us.
Who do you blame?

Is there always someone to blame? Presently, there is one man to blame for all of this. It's so amazing to me. How can one human be to blame for all these events? I'm no rocket scientist and no political expert - just a human being. But I see no way that it is possible for one man. A person who didn't come from a family with connections. Basically, a "peon" in the eyes of those in the political world. And you know what? If he were to blame, what's new in the world of politics.

Everyday someone is looking for someone to blame on what is happening in their lives. Truth be told, sometimes there is no one to blame. It makes the hair stand up on my arm as people place the blame on others. Especially when the people talking have no clue what the heck they are talking about. What's more entertaining to me is that the blame is almost always placed on the wrong person.

People blame their friend or relative for their shortcomings. Sometimes it's that person to blame and sometimes it's just the circumstances in life that are to blame. Why do we always need someone to blame? Even if there is a person to blame, they won't always be able to fix the outcome of what they may have caused. In my most gracious opinion, the wrong person always gets blamed for doing something bad.

As always, I try to take something from everything. My lesson learned: when someone starts to blame someone whom I know isn't to be blamed...just walk away. Why walk away? Because most of the time the person placing that blame is some idiotic human being that will cause me to do nothing but become mad! So, when I walk away from you...blame yourself.

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