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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Accelerate meaning...To become faster. To quicken the natural or ordinary process of something.

Last week, my son's teacher called early in the morning to inform me that he was chosen to be a a part of the Accelerated Reader program. I was excited. He was chosen because he already completed one grade level advanced reading program and does well reading to his class. So now he has been chosen to be pushed one step farther to become better than he is now. Great! I love it! I especially love this when recent studies show that most African-American boys read below their grade level. I'm not sure if the studies were able to develop a reasoning as to why these young boys are reading so low, but we can assume that it has to be that they aren't reading at home. Well, at least I'm doing something right over here.

As usual, one event in life turns me to think about another. What if there was an Accelerated Parent program or an Accelerated Human Being program. Would you fit the mold? Have you reached a point in your life that you have done so well that someone should reward you with an advanced program? Is there something out there to push adults to move a step farther in their lives? I've not done much research, but I'm sure their aren't any programs as such.

However, I do believe that there is a program within ourselves to help us push harder to be better than we are now. The program is self worth, self love, self esteem. Those things must be programmed within ourselves in order for us to be put in an Accelerated Program like my son has been accepted into. There aren't any teachers or leaders to induct or test us to make sure that we qualify. We must do the examination of ourselves to determine just how much we are worth. Are we not doing well enough with what is given to us? My son first did well with the grade level books given to him therefore he was pushed into the Accelerated Program to be pushed above his grade level. I can attest that I've been given enough test in life to realize that I must accelerate! I need to be pushed into something greater in my life. I need to be in the Accelerated Life Survivors program. Ahhh, I think that's what I will do. Will you accelerate yourself to a higher grade level today or will you pump the brakes and fall below grade level?

Go forth and get in the Accelerated _____________ Program! You have my permission.


  1. First of all, congratulations to one of the best little boys I know.
    Next, this is a program we all should be enrolled in. It's a program that never ends. The good thing is, we have a chance for extra credit and to get back on track if we fall behind. 2011 - I will get things going and get in to MY Accelerated Program.
    Thanks for the inspiration. :-)