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Saturday, August 28, 2010


He/she loves me
He/she holds me
He/she protects me
We laugh
We cry
We help each other...

Most people, mostly women thrive on this thing called independence. We make songs about it. We are applauded by others about it. We wear t-shirts flaunting the title. So much goes into being independent and sharing that independence with others. What if we all put as much into getting and maintaining that independence into securing a mate? Often times there isn't much work into securing a mate because we just feel like we don't need a mate to survive. While that may be true because we only need water and bread to truly survive...there is nothing like the loving, holding, laughing, crying, and helping that comes with a mate. So I'm going to try to work on my relationship status...if it's independent or with a mate...I will leave you to guess...I'm going to make sure that I keep it "tight" and work on it.

Have you worked on your status lately? Let's keep it together people...keep it together.

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