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Monday, June 28, 2010

A good cup of coffee gets my day started. Who invented drinking a good cup of joe? Uhm, ahhh! Ice cold water and a hot cup of coffee, nothing can compare.

This is only the second day I've worked on this blog and it's already presenting a challenge. The site is telling me that I need to disable some cookies. I've followed the instructions to do so, but my computer won't do such a thing. Who in the heck came up with these cookies? The last I checked cookies came in chocolate chip, peanut butter, and sugar. They made me happy, not pissed off.

I've tried to turn every life experience into a lesson. Lesson here is to not let one little irritating event stop the progress of what you are trying to do.


  1. Love the cookies comment!!!...........and the computer has the audacity to tell you to save your "cookies" so that you can easily navigate to the webpages you frequent. Who saves cookies??? ......In the smooth and sexy words of Darius Lovehall........"you don't have to save mine for later; I'd rather have mine right now!

  2. LOL! Wow, look at you. I don't even have words. :)