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Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't sell yourself short!

Life is about balance. I'm trying to make sure to balance my lifestyle and keep it healthy on all points. Recently, one of my instructors had a career coach from the university that I'm attending speak to the class. He was extremely helpful and inspirational. I encourage everyone to go out and meet with a real career coach. Everyone needs a little motivation every now and then. He served that purpose for me.

While there are no guarantees with what people tell you etc., they do help.
The career coach requested that we read Strenths Finder, by Tom Roth
I read the book, took the quiz and remain amazed. There are so many strengths within ourselves that we don't see. His reasoning for telling us to read this book was just for that reason. How can we market ourselves to others if we don't know what our selling point is? After reading this, I feel more confident about how to sell myself to a employer or even a date. LOL! Now that was funny. I had to laugh to myself.

I challenge all who read this to seek out those strengths about yourself. I think we all second guess ourselves. Sometimes we sell ourselves short and don't realize all that we do in a day. We think that sitting behind a desk and talking to the public is just that. When in actuality, it is much more. We are negotiating on that phone and constantly making great decisions.

God mad nothing but greatness. You are great! I am great!

Lesson: There is greatness in all of us! Seek and ye shall find!

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