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Monday, June 28, 2010


Word two for today...


In this space I'm in, it doesn't look so pretty. It's a little too noisey yet freightenly too quiet.

If this chick up stairs don't sit her tail down I'm going to scream! AHHHH!!! It's too funny that I'm talking about two things at once. Ha!

I truly want to live in a space where I hear only the sounds in my space. I don't care where you are walking in your space. It's late. I'm not up walking around in my space, so why don't you just sit your ass down! Ugh...

What is that I hear? Your 'ole man is pissing in the toilet! Are you serious? Man, I don't care what goes on in your space, so why must I hear it all in my space.

In my deepest thoughts, I try not to question what God puts in my life or where my decisions in my life take me. However, living in this space has tested my patience and sanity in ways one can never imagine.

My space is precious to me. I find peace and serenity in my space. It's the only place that knows me. It's the only space that leaves me alone with my happy thoughts. I normally love my space - filled with the scent of Egyptian Musk Incense or sweet Vanilla candles. Uhm, ahhh I can smell them now. Ugh, gag wait, I just got sniff of some second-hand smoke from somebody else's space. Lord, my God, you have truly shown me the light! This is not the space. This is not the space for me.

My lesson: Is your space really the space you are sitting in? What is space actually? Is it what you make it? Can I make a bad space in life, physical or mental, a good space? I don't think I truly know the answer. Until then, I must learn to accept the space I'm in while I'm in it. Live with it. Deal with it. Change it.

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