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Friday, November 18, 2011


A true or actual state of a matter.
A fact or reality.
A verified or indisputable fact.
Actuality or actual existence.


Recently a friend of mine. Yes, a friend of mine and not me...
Recently a friend of mine found out a few pieces of info relating to the guy she has been dating. We've discussed what the different possibilities are to situations that have recently taken place. Neither of us know the truth. The man at the moment physically can't communicate. Lucky him. So she has to wait to find out the truth to ease her mind. In the meantime she is stuck with uncertain information and many scenarios.

Uncertainty is always the hardest! Uncertainty is harder than hearing the truth.

Many people will say that people don't want to hear the truth. The truth is hard to handle. In many instances the truth is presented to us, but we fail to see or hear it. Many of us are living lives full of uncertainties. Is that okay? Don't we all just want to know the truth?

What is the truth?

In my friend's case I say that no matter what truth that this man has to share with her...the truth is that she must stretch her wings a little in the dating arena. In this case, his truth is not necessary. The facts and events themselves speak volumes. While she nor I know the truth of all the information and how it relates to her guy can't be revealed - that's okay. Well, it's okay with me as her friend. Somehow I think that it's not sitting well with her. I do believe she wants to know his truth. That's life though. Sometimes we are okay with our own truth. Her truth, her indisputable fact is that she is waiting to find out her man's truth in order to make up her mind.

How important is the truth?

What I've learned is that the truth is very important regardless of how it makes me or anyone feel. My only problem with some people and the truth is that everyone has their own opinion of the truth instead of what's an indisputable fact.

To my friend, I've made my point about the indisputable fact that she will start dating again. The indisputable fact is that she is my friend and I will forever consider her truth, my truth and the indisputable facts!

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