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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A book, list, letter, journal

A book, list, letter or journal

As adults we use these things to help us get through life. We plan with lists and letters to ourselves. Journals help us keep a daily record of our progress or regress. The books tell us how to do.

Today two things happened. I opened up a letter that I had written 10 years ago and then I read a couple bedtime stories to my son.

The letter I opened was short. It wasn't too positive. I can tell what mood I was in. Anger. Frustration. In the midst of that unnecessary upset mood, I found a way to get to a positive point. There were some expectations I had for myself that I didn't live up to. As humans do, I questioned myself. Why? What was it that kept me from reaching those goals? It is a little upsetting to know that I had greater plans for myself and have yet to achieve all that greatness.

Soon after reading that letter, I read two popular children books to my son. Both of them carried the message about how we will travel down different paths throughout life. The paths we go on are paved by our decisions. As we go down our individual paths things will get tough, dark, scary lonely, fun, exciting, and ever changing. The moral of both stories was that through it all, one can still succeed and/or be all they ever want to be.

Ironic that I read these children's books on the same day as I read my letter. I'm well aware that life can throw some hard balls and all things can be overcome. It's nothing like a fresh reminder. No matter what book, list, letter or journal you have you must know that all things can still be done. A fresh reminder is always good!

Don't give up. There are places to go. There are things to do.

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