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Monday, February 28, 2011


Positive. When looking up this word, I found that there are as many meanings to that word as there are years of my life. That would be in the 30 range. With so many definitions to a word one might determine that this a powerful word - POSITIVE. When you think of it in any form of the word, it rings - sounds really nice.
Practical is positive. If positive is practical then it should be something that a practical or normal person should be able to obtain. To be practical. To be hopeful. You can be positive if in fact you are practical. Are you practical? I think if you accomplish daily life, then you are practical. Therefore you can be positive. To the adult mind, being positive after fighting the blows that life throws is hard. It's hard to think of positive thoughts when doors are slammed in your face. It's hard when doctors give you answers you don't want to hear. It's hard when relationships dwindle. It's just plain hard to be positive.
Now as I usually do, I feed from an innocent mind...My son. He asked me one day what hard meant. He wasn't quite sure what it meant that something was hard to do. Therefore, at this point in his life, he has experienced difficulty with words or how to play a game. However, he doesn't truly grasp the meaning of what hard means. He has experience hard things yet he doesn't stop because it is hard. If we had never been told in our life that something was hard, would we embrace the word hard like we do? Would we struggle with certain events in our life just because we were told they were hard? Would we get down just because we know it is hard?
We know that being positive is hard, but if we take out the word hard...then it's just being positive. No more saying it's hard to be positive. I'm going to try to be positive, but it just isn't easy.... That's not good enough people. Let's just be positive regardless of how hard it might be. My little one doesn't truly know what hard or positive means, but he just tries to do what's good. Good being another definition for positive. So go out and just be good and that should make it more easy than hard for you to be positive everyday.

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