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Sunday, February 13, 2011


As the day nears for Valentine's Day, a day to celebrate love. A few months ago, I asked a few ladies what they loved or admired about the man in their life. While many of them struggled with the exact words to describe him, some were able to spit it right out without a thought. The words used were loving, strong, dependable, patient, super friend, with a dab of spontaneity, respectfulness, a twist of uniqueness, and a dollop of family values. Those were just wonderful words to label loved ones.

I salute you ladies who have found the one. Make sure you remember how he moves you... how he makes waves in the ocean above and below. Feel the beat of his rhythmic step. Glide along the yellow brick road, hand in hand. Yes, love your man or woman. On this day of love, do whatever you need to do make that person in your life realize what they mean to you in your life.

I'm going to spend the evening out with my loved one - Aitan, my son. He and I will wait for the that Knight to walk into my life. Don't believe the hype however when you watch those sappy stories on television. You know those movies about a divorced woman with her child who moves back to her hometown and falls in love with an old high school love. There is no high school love over here for me. Furthermore there is no real love at all. Happy Valentine's Day to you! (sigh)

As usual, I'm not going to let a holiday or celebratory event get me down in the dumps. There is a lesson in everything. Love your loved ones everyday. Show them those words you use to describe them. Know that even if you don't have those words to describe anyone in your life, there still must be love within to celebrate. Life itself needs to be a Valentine's Day...we must love the fact that we see a new day everyday.

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