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Sunday, November 3, 2013


THIS MONTH, IT IS MY GOAL TO BLOG EVERY WEEKDAY. I have used one of the writer's projects going on to motivate me and keep me writing. This project gives prompts to write from. I've never used prompts, but hey it's worth a try. Something new. (Forgive this for being some days after the first, but I encountered computer problems)

If you found one million dolalrs in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do
with the money?

Now upon first thought of this topic, my list started out a little selfish. I challenge you to consider this topic just for the heck of it. It's sort of a self check if you need one.

My list went something to the tune of purchasing a fully furnished home for myself. Renovation of my mother's childhood home. A wardrobe of clothing for my son and myself.  A seven-day vacation to Disney World. Purchases for a family in need. Wow, this would be one busy day, but I know it could be done. Flash money in front of people and they move quickly. Ha. While I do consider others in this fantasy thought. These are selfish thoughts. Don't get me wrong, the items I've listed here are great needs for my family that aren't presently feasible.  Things that most people who are able to have or do take for granted.

I sat with this topic for the day and by the end of the day,  my ideas changed a little. While I would still do those purchases, I would like to purchase or put up some money for the start of a girl's help program. One might think since I'm the mother of a son that I would be reaching out to that population. However I'm a woman and I know the plight and celebration of being a young girl. With such funds, I would love to develop a program that teaches young girls the basics that in turn develop outstanding young women. Having worked with girls in some form for many years, I know first hand that some of the most basic situations need to be addressed with young girls. Many are missing some key components. So hey if myself and a team could work together on this, we could change a generation - male and female. I do believe if you change one, it effects the other. If young girls learn more of key essentials, boys would follow suite in some form.

So what would you do? Please share via here or any other social media. I challenge you to first think right off the top of your head in the morning and then think about it until the evening. See how it changes. I'm sure it will.

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