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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Responsibility. Accountability.

Responsibility, the quality of being or state of being responsible. Moral Accountability.
Accountability, the willingness to accept responsibility.

My son sometimes requests for his daddy. "I wish my daddy was here," he says. Little does he know, just a couple of months ago his daddy felt it was his responsibility to call and tell me that I didn't have to worry about hearing from him again.

My story is not unique. I am not alone. I know that. I am a product of  fallen and unbalanced society. A society that values little of family and more of foolishness.  A society that lacks the understanding of accountability and responsibility. A society that is unnatural. One where parents are raising children alone - mothers and fathers. As I live it daily, I know that it is not natural.  I am forever responsible and accountable for my son, my love.

I play so many roles in one day - in one hour sometimes. It's growing me tired - weary. Each day I don't know how I make it, but I make it.  
Again, not unique.
Not different. 
I am just one - one single mother with one child. 
My plight may be little to some.

I weep for my son as due to one person's lack of responsibility and accountability, he will never know what it is like to have a man's foot steps to follow. I don't speak pessimistic thoughts, but I speak truth. I speak what has been presented to me. I am now responsible and accountable for making sure that my son understands the importance of being responsible and accountable for every action that is placed before him.

What is your moral responsibility? 
Is it to your parents? 
Is it to your child?
 Is it your community?
We are all accountable for something. 
Whatever it is, make it your responsibility to nurture it.

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