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Sunday, March 17, 2013


"I am just sitting here listening - waiting to see what is going to happen next. I mean every time we have someone over, you end up sleeping with them."

Those were the words from a wife to a husband. As I sat there, hands wet from barbecue, and these are the words shared with me. Wow! I was speechless. As it was an old friend, I did interject with disappointment. Followed by that was an assurance that this visitor was not going to be caught in this love triangle.

Caught in the middle of a domestic dispute was not how I planned my Saturday night. All is well, the three of us had some great conversation. After all, we all have something - alcoholism, incarceration, anxiety, depression, shopping. We all have some issue about ourselves that makes us flawed.

The issue isn't the flaw. The issue is - Are you willing to work on correcting that flaw? Followed by correcting one flaw, it is possible that another flaw will show up and show out. Even considering that, we should work on flaws and not work on adding more flaws.

In its rocky state, this couple's marriage seems to have some flaws. Working on it they have, but each time there is some flaw that still appears. My prayers are with them. At the end of the night, it was a pleasure talking with them. Glad to make it clear that while we all have flaws to work on, I will not be one of those flaws in their marriage that they need to work on. 

What are your flaws, imperfections? Work on them, don't add to them!

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