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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Have you ever felt like you wanted to hurt your child or spouse? I mean seriously. Sometimes they push buttons. Recently a minister of a church asked a similar question. As many parents, I am able to admit that yes, sometimes my son drives me nuts! I am certain a spouse can do the same thing.

Well, even as the children and spouses upset us, we still carry on living life and doing what we should in a family. As a parent and spouse, clothes are washed, clothes are ironed, and money is sometimes exchanged. All these luxuries of having someone to help.  Then one day the one thing you asked that child or spouse to do, they don't. You asked that child to clean up their room, but it's a mess. You asked the spouse to stop and get milk. Then he or she comes home empty-handed. One thing. You only asked for one thing. Well...

I'm going to get real spiritual right this moment...

You only asked for one thing.

So does God. 

He has asked for one thing! Can you imagine how He feels when you complain? All that He has done. As a Christian, it is only required of you to be a good person, honor God, follow some rules. Are you aware that you WOKE up this morning? You have likely been blessed with material items like clothes, food, a car, and a home. If you are reading this, you were certainly blessed with LIFE itself. Yet you find time to COMPLAIN. What is there to complain about? Imagine how you felt when your child or spouse made you feel - unappreciated. Often times you - I know I do feel like I'm not appreciated for all that I do. All that I help with. All the self-less acts.  Then it is that one time I ask for something - I feel like all that I did was in vein. All that I said, all that I helped with went unnoticed. 

Yes, life is about doing things that should go unnoticed, but why should what God has done for us go unnoticed?  Why are we trivializing life? Why are we complaining about the not-so-cool job? Why are we complaining about not having those new shoes? Why are we complaining about anything?!

Someone asked me what I gave up for lent - my response was excuses.  Excuses to not do anything I need to do. Well, after looking at life in the manner the minister explained, I have to add complaining. I am not only going to give up complaining for lent - I am giving it up period! I'm living life with no excuses and no complaining. What about you?

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