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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It works. Try it.

Recently my son and I took a trip out of town for a few days. I left my car in the airport garage and we flew out. We returned a few days later to find that the car didn't start. I am guessing that I left on an inside light or something. Anyway, I proceeded to make phone calls. Of course no know who I knew was able to help. I called the roadside assistance. From that phone call, I was told it would be at least an hour before someone could come help. There were no help phones around and I didn't see any security patrolling or watching by camera. My son in the meantime begins to panic. He got out the car and said "what are we going to do?" I told him that I had made some phone calls and someone was coming to help. It was going to take them a while, but they were coming. What does he do? The newly turned 8-year-old walks back and forth with his hands folded in prayer position. He has his hands up and his eyes closed praying out loud - "God please help us; please." He repeats this prayer as he walks back and forth. I didn't tell him to pray. I wasn't praying aloud - inside I'm asking please Lord let this car start. Well, just as my son begins to pray, a security personnel pulls up.  She proceeds to ask me to try to start the car - no luck. However she did have a way to "jump" off the battery.  Meanwhile, my son is still praying. Just as she hooks up the cables to the battery, the car starts.

The lesson learned in this story is that prayer really does work. Seems like my son had the better idea of praying aloud. Prayers can come from all ages. Prayers don't need to be fancy. Prayers don't need to planned. Just pray and things will change. It may not seem as simple to some, but if you were there the moment he begin to pray with all his heart and belief, you would understand how mighty that prayer was. We were sort of stranded during an early morning hour while most people were celebrating with family or shopping for the holidays. It was a moment when it was little help around - all my son knew to do was pray. Tears and Prayers - my son saved the day.  It works. Try it.

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