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Sunday, February 12, 2012


What's your purpose?  I feel like I've blogged about this recently...

In a sermon or two, I've heard that people come into your life for a season, a reason, or a lifetime.  The question is how to determine which one those in your life fit.  I've dated a guy or two when it came time to have that "just friends" conversation.  It's not always easy to be on either side of that conversation.  However when it's time, it is time. It is time to realize that person is there just for a season. While it would be nice to have some people or situations around for a lifetime, that's just not always the case.

It's hard to change seasons...long or short.  When seasons change with the weather, we often need to change attire, moods, or routines.  The same goes with people who come in and out of your lives.  It can be agreed among many that change is never easy, but certainly necessary.  With no change, there is no growth.

In my most reason change in seasons, I've had to sit back and really think about what the change meant.  It is my belief that change happens in order for us to pay attention to something else in life we may be neglecting, i.e. health, wealth, spirituality or family.  In my honest opinion...after having dealt with this a few times...I don't think we should waste time on trying to figure out why someone has left, but rather what is it in your life that needs attention.  Don't focus your attention on that season.  Focus on the new season that is vastly approaching because a new season is certainly coming soon. 

Next time a situation in your life changes...a loss of job or relationship.  Don't worry about the loss.  Just think about what is to come.  From experience I know that seeing things that way may confuse those around you.  Why?  I think many people want you to debate with them about why...why are you leaving me? Why did you fire me?  That's not to debate.  Just accept the change in seasons and look forward to what's to come!  Next time it might be for a lifetime...if not, then you can certainly rest assure that it is for a reason!!!

Good-bye season!!! Thanks for the time well spent.  You served your purpose now I look forward to what is to come next.

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