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Monday, January 23, 2012


Knock, knock, knocking at my flipping door! 
He has lost what little mind he has left! 
Please let me go! Leave me alone!

Obsession, to preoccupy thoughts, feelings, or desires of a person. Infatuated. Preoccupied.  Troubled. To persistently dwell on something.

This man is obsessed with me! I'm obsessed with figuring out how to stop this obsession.  How the heck do I do that?  I've read a few things on stalkers and some experts have said that no man will stop with their obsession until they are ready.  So what the heck am I doing trying to stop someone from obsessing over me.  While it may sound cute to have some one be infatuated with you, it's not!

I just want him to go away! 

There have been movies about obsession.  Songs about obsession. It's a thrill to hear such a thing.  We sit on the edge of our chairs in anticipation as to what is about to happen next.  Well, as much as I love horror and suspenseful movies - I'm not enjoying my own life movie right now.

From love to fear and then into rage - I can't take this freaking crap anymore!

I share ,y frustration with this person who is obsessed with me for a couple of reasons. This is a public site and maybe, just maybe this person will read one more avenue that I'm expressing my hatred for this obsession.   I also share this as my way to reach anyone who may be reading this.  If you are obsessed with any one thing or person - STOP IT!

Obsession is synonymous with being troubled, haunted, or possessed.  Sounds a little like someone possessed by a demon to me.  Don't be haunted by a person or topic in life.  Let it go!  It's very frustrating to be obsessed and see that your obsession is not changing.  You can wonder why that obsession hasn't changed, but it's purely because it simply won't change.  Therefore forever in your life, you will be haunted by an obsession.  You can't change everything.  You certainly can't change people.

I refuse to be haunted by this person who is obsessed with me.  I'm refuse to be obsessed about anything.  Let it go! Let her go! Let him go! Let everything go!

Obessess with nothing and live with one less frustration in life.

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