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Friday, January 21, 2011


When you put the key in the ignition of my car, there are three lights lit up on my dashboard. WARNING! It's not those lights most want to see. The low oil light is on. The low tire pressure light is on. The low gas light is on. Oh, it doesn't have a light, but the tires are way past needing rotating.

It's sort of a reflection of my life. God wakes me up each day, puts His spirit in me and gets me going. Now just like my car, there are several lights that light up on my dashboard. WARNING! The low energy light is on. The low on a second parent for my son light is on. The low on enthusiasm light is on. The low on funds light is on. The low on friendship light is on. The low on companionship light is on. There are lights lit up all over my dashboard. The light blinking - OVERALL TUNE-UP is blinking in bright red.

Well, in the morning I'm going to take my car to the maintenance shop to get all those lights turned off. The car shop around the corner sent me a great coupon, with no attachments, to help pay for the expenses. Whew, thank 'ya Lord for that 'cause those lights are in dire need of being turned off.

So, where is the shop for me? When is my appointment time to turn off all of my lights?


  1. All i can say is AMEN! Where do we go to get our blinking lights taken care of....

  2. When you find it, please tell me. LOL! Sometimes we need to find humor in our lives.