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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In the Spirit

This handsome little six-year old I have over here has now decided that he will believe in Santa again. Go figure. Just as I said, that belief in many fail and sometimes regain their strength. He is certain proof of such. It's all fine and good that he believes. I'm fine either way. As long as I know that as I raise him in a Christian environment that he realize the real reason for Christmas - the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

As I assure that he is aware of the purpose of Christmas, I wish that some adults would realize the same thing. Some are out spending tons of money or charging it to a credit card. While many are even out there using the five finger discount and getting caught. All this in an effort to express love to those in their family and friend circle with objects of affection instead of the real I'm not one of those out spending tons of money or using the five-finger discount. I can't afford it, so I don't do it. It is my dream to again be able to treat my closest friends and family members to expressions of love and kindness through materials. However at this time, I can't do that. I truly hope they know that if I could I would. In the meantime, we must all remember the reason for the season. It's not necessary to pile up expensive and countless gifts for others. It's a time of remembrance and celebration. A time where we should really be celebrating our faith.

As I remind all, I must truly remind myself. I've been given the title of the Grinch because I've allowed my son to not truly believe in Santa. Also, I'm truly not into all the things that come along with Christmas - the superficial things. I keep in mind the true meaning of Christmas. Along with the spiritual purpose - It's also a ritual time for families to gather and celebrate together. You can't choose your family...I can't choose which ones I truly would like to celebrate with. I must be thankful that I still have some present to consider family.

Go along and be mindful of why you are truly celebrating the season. Wishing your many love and blessings for this year and many to come.

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