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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Customer Service

This weekend, I spent a couple hours in the store of a big-name cell phone company. Sounds like fun doesn't it? Upon entrance, they were ready to serve me...or were they really ready to serve me? As soon as I explained my issue, I was shot down with a comment that they basically couldn't help me and that I needed a new phone. Seriously? I followed your phone customer service rules, but you still can't serve me? I remained composed as a few other representatives attempted to help me. Still, there was no help. To the phone customer service I go...once on the phone with them, I was again told that I could not be helped by them...let me transfer you. Seriously? Ok, hello Corey, customer service representative. Upon review of my issue, this young man knew immediately what the issue was.

Weren't all these people trained with the same training manual? If it were that easy for him to recognize the issue, why in the store did it take three people, including two managers to figure out that the issue was simple? Where is the true customer service? If it takes you to have a manual of each phone sitting at your desk, then do that! Do whatever you need to do in order to serve the customer.

This is my rant and my plea to those getting paid the big bucks to develop the training procedures for customer service representatives. Think about this...A teacher can get a reprimand for a student failing a standardized test, but a customer service representative gets no reprimand for not doing their job well. In some areas, a teacher's salary is based on how well she teaches a child to pass a test, but with customer service representatives, they get increase after increase for actually not serving a customer at all. These people are given incentives for making the company money, I know the deal. However what I wonder is truly how does that look as a balance in our society? I want these overpaid representatives to be held accountable for "not doing their job"! When I, the customer have been failed by you, the customer representative, there should be some notice made to that issue.

Hello how may I help you?
No, but thanks for your customer disservice!

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