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Monday, November 29, 2010

A Non-Believer

"Santa isn't real and reindeer live in the forest."
That's it. That is what the little one, my 6-year old said this time. I was shocked and appalled. Uhm, maybe not totally appalled. It was just a little shocking to hear. He and I never had that conversation. I truly didn't know how to respond to him with that comment other than to ask him who told him that. His reply was no one. However, I point to the lovely creation of television.

Now the question for me was how do I proceed further with that comment from him. Should he be a believer? Why? Some argue with me that he is a child and needs to have an imagination and believe - believe in something.

There are some who disagree that it's not necessary to believe in such things. The sentiment is that there is no need to push my little one into believing in anything like Santa. Why? Children have imaginations regardless. Believing in Santa doesn't mean they won't be exciting and waiting to see what gifts appear on Christmas morning.

Children are often filled with hope in things like Santa, The Tooth Fairy, and The Easter Bunny. We as adults allow them to have false hope in fictional characters. Does that really create a believer out of children? Will they not believe in anything or anyone if we don't allow them to wait up for Santa or Bunny to appear in the night?

I've personally chosen to lean toward the thought that there is no reason that he should believe in Santa. He believes in me, his sole human provider and he believes in God. There will come a time when he will falter in his belief in both me and God. Now that's when there is a conversation necessary. Life is what it is. There is no need in filling his head with false perceptions of things. How would I look to him when he is revealed the truth - he must have faith in me. He must believe that I will have his best interest in heart and mind. The imagination - his brain will handle that. If he can imagine that his trains are his friends and he can imagine up different ways to design his train tracks, I know that he can imagine and believe in anything. So, Santa farewell - my 6-year old is a proud Non-Believer.

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