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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nonsense vs. Sense

Here we go, my son and his questions....

"Nanna's not home," he said. "So, where are we going now?"

"We are going home," I said.

"That makes sense," he said. "What's sense mean, Mommy?"

"Sense is something that we should do and nonsense is something that we shouldn't do," I said.

It's amazing how his little questions make me think. So, what really is sense and nonsense? Did I answer that question right? It's just funny that things we say or experience everyday, we don't ask questions about. Well, maybe some of us. I know I question too much. I question, what sense does it make that someone with my education and little talent doesn't have a decent salary. I don't want to hear all that economy crap! I always look within. What is it exactly that I'm doing wrong? I can't make sense out of this nonsense life that I've been given. I often think it's all nonsense.

Of course, I have to look at life from different angles. Perhaps my sense of this nonsense life of mine is that God presented me with positions that have dished out insufficient funds because I'm supposed to learn. I'm learning that spending money on some things truly is nonsense. So, when I get sufficient funds, I will be able to make sense out of nonsense spending. Prehaps that's the sense of my nonsense life of having a degree, further studies, and ten years of work experience and still in the same position of a graduating college senior.

There must be a light at the end of the good friend said I'm blessed. I am. I know that. We all are in some form or fashion. But what nonsense I have to deal with when I have so much sense. It would seem that my sense would have led me to a higher level. Maybe my time table is wrong. What's your time table? Is it nonsense or sense? Is my issue nonsense or sense? Uhhmmm, you know it's sound like nonsense because at the end of the day it doesn't make sense to have issue with making a particular salary when at least you are making one period. So, if I go by the definition that I gave my son, it is total nonsense to question why or how my life has resulted as it has.

What's your nonsense? I know you have some nonsense because you are sitting over there with all your sense thinking that your rationalization of your life makes sense....when in actuality, it's all nonsense. We are not put here to question the result of our lives or situations...even the lives or situations of others. It's pure nonsense - something we shouldn't do.

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