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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Old thoughts, but never too old to share

It's like being hit countless times and becoming unconscious. You don't feel any blows after about the fifth blow. You are numb. Down on the ground and out cold!
I wonder why I or anyone else should continue to allow themselves to be hit - why stay in the boxing ring? Maybe because one of the teammates loves the game and enjoys playing it with you? Who knows, maybe all of the players just enjoy the game. Whatever the case, the game must go on. There is a new playing object put in the ring these days. It's not just the boxing gloves anymore.
Hold on for a second while I take you on a trip through this topic...
So, the boxing game I'm speaking of is not just a boxing game, but it certainly feels that way sometimes. It's the game of dating, or even marriage for some. The new part of the game? Technology. We use it everyday. It makes communication easier. If it be a text message by cell phone or the Internet and its vast array of social networks - heck even the 'ole fashion telephone. These tools make it easier to add players to the game you are in. It's easier to add all types of players ...
I've always been a sore loser. I never really liked playing sports or games. I never knew if I would win or lose, but I knew one thing, I did not want to lose. I never liked the feeling it left me when I lost - numbness. Numbness from the blow of being the loser! So not only did I not play sports, I don't think that I was ever really good at playing them. So, with that said - for people like me this game of dating can be hard to play. It's not a game that you can just quit. You gotta get in that ring and roll with the punches.
After being punched and knocked out cold in this game so many times you become numb. Is there anything so wrong with being numb? I personally think that's a cool place to be because you don't feel any pain. It's a better place to be numb than having open wounds and constantly pouring salt into them. Which would you rather? What have you done? Have you become numb to the pain of the game? Have you kept open wounds?

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