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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Brings me to another thought

My last blog also came with a conversation between me and a good friend of mine...He said that I should blog about the Internet and its interruptions to some people's relationships, including their marriages.

Funny that he mentioned that...As a recovered "victim" of the very topic, I now see an odd view on the topic.

The technology provided to us is just another vessel for the weak. Back in the day, it was the juke joint, the club as we would say today. Then the brothels, a hoer house. Vessels for the weak are plentiful and have been around for more years than many can count.

I guess you can't blame the weak in mind and heart. I know when I need to sit down from a workout that made me weak - I need to sit down right at that moment and get comfortable. A break feels good when you are weary. When you are weak, you need something to catch you as you fall.

So for the club goers, Internet abusers or browsers whatever you want to call yourselves - use your crutch. Go right ahead weak one. Only the strong survive and prosper. Weak people get frail and crumble like rotten wood.

Those who use and abuse technology - they are weak and cowardly. They fear being alone. They fear not getting a little something something - a need for a constant high. Those people have a urge to live in fantasy. If it fits your fancy, go right ahead. Don't expect that Internet or cell phone to always be there to protect you from the ills of life. While the net may be called the net, it's not the net to protect you when you fall.

For those who are the "victims" - don't stress it. Heck you aren't anyway because.... guess what? You won't know you are a victim until too late...that lame, weak fool just fell!

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