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Friday, August 29, 2014


For a week now I've experienced another side of life. I'm out and about among the more wealthy people who are shopping and running errands. My attire for the day often involves a T-shirt and cap often sported by stay-at-home parents. A whole week experiencing this peaceful side of life. It's amazingly peaceful considering I'm actually enjoying this time caused by a separation of employment. 

This part of my life is certainly presented a struggle. From struggle I've read and been told produces great strength.  I'm tired of testing my strength. As my mother likes to tell me about my physical strength - I'm as strong as a bull. My mental strength is reaching that point as well. Therefore why am I presented with such struggles? Often times as humans we question...why why why.  Depending on your belief, there are varying reasons why certain things happen in life. However the bottom line is always that every situation happens for a purpose.

As soon as I find out the purpose of being presented with the possibility of homelessness, I will be certain to find a computer to blog to the world what the purpose of this event turned out to be.  As a single person with no children, this idea of not having rent, car note, and other essentials bills may sound like a breath of fresh air - for me, a single mother of one, this is a quite scary event. While I mentally know that my situation is fragile, somehow my body is responding to it differently. I've not shed many tears over this situation. I've not packed an item in my apartment yet. I'm in this adrenaline survival phase right now. Something just has to change within the next couple of weeks - it just must!

There is a positive in this new struggle, right? There must be. Oh yeah, I'm strong. Ha. To a weak person, I suppose it must be exciting - exciting to see that someone does know how to survive in times of strife and struggle.  Oh wait, I just figured out a positive side for me. I have an attractive positive trait to present to prospective mates. If I ever get married again, my husband won't have to worry about his wife being a shopaholic nor will have to worry about how I'll handle challenging situations. Wait, one better. My son will always be able to say that he was not raised by a weak woman therefore he shall not be weak or surround himself by weakness.  Whew, just when I thought there was no positive light to this, I found a couple.  As I usually challenge in my scarce writings - I challenge all to find a positive point in all times. There is always a positive point, we just have to see it and focus on it. What's your struggle? Find your strength in your struggle. 

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