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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


The right time.
Lucky chance.

Opportunities present themselves in many ways and none should be taken for granted. 
Met someone new, get to know them.
Want to take a trip, take it.
Got a call for an interview, go to it.

Whatever the opportunity is that is presented to me from this point out - I'm taking it. In the most recent months since my last post, I've gone from stomach cramps daily due to stress to just living a little carefree. I'm not losing out on any further opportunity to get to know someone because you never know what part they play in your life. I don't mean someone for dating purposes - I'm referring to any new person who walks into your life. If someone in your life plans a trip, take it. No questions. Just go. Love or hate your current employment and get a random call for a job interview, take it. Perhaps that leads you to some outstanding opportunity that you could never imagine. It's all about the right time, the lucky chance and the possibility that there is a purpose in the person or event.

As usual, my postings are a reflection of a life event of my own or someone close to me. Well, this message today is a mixture. 

Most people who get to know me well - like me. It's a blessing and a curse, but I enjoy getting to know people. I truly hold no judgment as to the type of person that I'm getting to know, I just get to know them. While I don't digest each person and add them to a close friend, I do find it enjoyable to learn about people and a variety of thought processes or ways of life. At times this part of me can be overwhelming with some not so cool people, but overall, I've met and made friends with some pretty nice people. One in particular -we attended school together most of our lives, but only became friends within the past seven years. In one night she went from being workout queen to laying in hospital bed starting life from scratch - learning how to walk all over again. A stroke that the doctors can't explain. Before this stroke, she and I would joke about our life stresses and the damage that it was doing to us, but now all things considered - we shouldn't have been thinking about it all so hard.  Now we share messages of inspiration instead of strife. From her, I've truly learned to take it easy these days. I'm taking the opportunity to live without restriction and to have faith that all things will work out. So far things are going pretty well. I'm still not financially wealthy. I still don't own a home. I still can't go shopping. I'm still a single parent. I'm still on the fence about this career thing. I still can find a million and one frivolous things to stress about. Those daily pesky things most people won't admit to stressing about.  However I"m taking the opportunity to no longer allow the pesky things take the opportunity to win over my life.

Just before my girlfriend fell ill and now after - I've had some fulfilling events happen. I think that I owe it all to taking the opportunity to truly live - live without restrictions. New people have come into my life and enriched it while the old people have revived my life.

So if at this moment, you should be taking the opportunity to be as still as the leaves on a tree during a calm night or as wild as rough seas before a storm - seize the moment. Take the opportunity. There is no reason to fear. There is no reason to doubt. Have faith. If you believe it - it will be.

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