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Saturday, June 9, 2012


Maria won.

As her tennis match came to an end, she fell to her knees, folded over, and then raised her hands to the sky. The thrill of victory. She looked up to the sky as if to say thank you God for the victory. What an awesome feeling to win the game. It must feel good. It certainly looked good. It was as if she had accomplished everything she lived for. Life was now complete. That win was the only win that mattered. 

I did it. I won. After all the practices and games, I did it. I claim the victory!

Have you ever felt like that?

Watching that victory, I had to wonder had I ever felt like that about any accomplishment in my life.  I know I had to have done something. Maybe not. Does it matter? To me, yes. That's just a feeling I want.  I want to fall to my knees and raise my hands in the thrill of victory.  Should I be doing that everyday for the thrill of making it through a day? Will everyday victory have the same effect?

I don't think I've made it to my victory just yet. I've obtained a degree. I've completed education programs. I've landed I've published articles in newspapers. I've given birth and survived it.  As a young mother, I've had no place to live, but friends to take me in. I've felt the thrill of some victories for sure.  Reading this, I guess I should be falling to my knees in victory.

What's your victory?

Victory doesn't have to come from winning an international game or any game for that matter.  It has to come from survival of each day.  Survival is victory.  Accomplishment is victory.

Don't sit on the side line with a blank stare wondering how you could be defeated.  Find victory in just making it through the game.  Fall to your knees, raise your hands in celebration, and accept your reward of accomplishment and survival.

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