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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I be the only one

Have you told someone today that THERE IS NO ONE LIKE ME, BUT ME! Y'all better get out there and let 'em know...
Man, you better take it in 'cause I'm telling you, it gets no better. I'm so serious.
You keep trying to interject you into me, but I keep showing you that is just not going to work.
I'm me and there is no one like me!
So, you better get on board with me 'cause you sure are missing out.
I know you know this already, shucks I just had to remind you 'cause we are getting old and reminders are necessary.
There is no one like me, but me...
Take in all in while you can
Uhm, I'm telling you...if you don't know, you need to recognize.
'Cause man...I be the only one

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