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Sunday, April 6, 2014


There haven't been any battles won by an individual. I'm no historian or history buff, but I'm just about positive that there aren't any wars or battles fought alone. If there is one, please list it in my comment section.

Battles or wars normally consist of a leader and an army of people behind or along side them to go forward.

Life is full of battles - struggle.

Are you fighting it alone? Are you allowing a friend or family member fight it alone? If you are in fact allowing someone in your life struggle or fight a battle they are at war with alone, then you must not love them. Perhaps you are seeking out for them to lose a fight. There aren't any battles won by an individual. Don't go forth allowing someone you know fight a battle alone.  The flip side to this thing is that while you shouldn't allow others to battle struggles alone, you too shouldn't attempt such a feat alone.

What is it that you are struggling with? Finances? Career decision? Family decision? Car decision? Clothing decision? If it a big struggle or a little one, don't go it alone. Someone in your life may be willing to be that army to proceed full force ahead into battle. Don't turn down those who are enlisting themselves into your army of life. Welcome them with open arms.

I speak to this coming from both sides - I think.  Early in life I had a hard time accepting others into my army. There are still  moments that I would just rather go it alone. However during a Sunday morning church service, the message was that we shouldn't go it alone without God. I thought that is very true. No one goes into battle alone - so be it God or someone who God put here for us, we shouldn't be battling this thing called life alone. My command post is currently accepting applications.

There are times that I enlist myself into the lives of others. Presently, I feel like I'm not in enough armies, but none the less, I do work to participate in helping others with this struggle we call life. Are you accepting applications? I would apply. The army going into war can never be too large.

Now forward march! The battle is on!

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