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Saturday, December 22, 2012

No words

The doctor said, we have to do the surgery and we have to do it now.
My life depended on this surgery. 
I would be given another chance at life.
Most recently, so many people weren't as lucky as myself.
Life flashed through my mind.
I am sure they weren't even given time for that to happen.
My pain was unbearable and still lingers.
Their pain lead to peace.
I am on bedrest.
Those innocent victims are on eternal rest.
In moments of life when those rare events take place, we struggle with how to cope. We struggle with how to make sense of it all.
As my life has unfolded, I have gained a little understanding. Yet I am certain that I will never truly understand it fully. What I do know for sure is that I must move on. I must not dwell in how I could have changed things. I must remain resilient and move on because I am so blessed to have been given a chance to do so.

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