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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy, Part II

Happy. After much thought about a simple word, I've come to the conclusion that this isn't a word to be defined. If you do slight research, read a book, read the Bible, read the dictionary, or talk to people, the definition defers. There is no true definition to this word. It is what it is to each and every person. Therefore it's another top word on my list. I like those things that have no box to fit in. So, this is my little finale to the word happy. (This is in no way directly my thoughts, just what it means to be happy in general.)

I got a man
I got food
I got a job
wait, wait, happy I got a good man, a good job, and good food.
I've been saved
I got Jesus
I got peace
I got a drank
I got some stuff
I have understanding
I have love
I have joy
I'm not content
I'm not angry
I'm not sad
I have breath
I have beliefs
I have morals
However you find happiness, let it be. There are so many different forms of happiness in life. Find happiness in your relationship, school, home, or church. Only you can individually define what it means to be happy in all of them. If you are a Christian, the Bible guides you. If you are a scientist, maybe the dictionary guides you. Whatever guide you are using, know that the true definition of happy is within.

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